QInfinite is HERE! Welcome to a new era!

Have you seen the beautiful transformation of your Virtual Office and the QNET website? It’s fantastic, right? And that’s not the only surprise! Check out these enhancements and get to know QInfinite:

  • 8 ways to earn with QInfinite, QNET’s enhanced Compensation Plan!
  • Revamped Virtual Office for all your business needs.
  • Streamlined QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) to support you and help you grow. This is the new-look of NSG, here to serve you even BETTER!
  • We have automated your CRF process! From now on, your Customer Request Forms will be processed faster by our streamlined and re-branded QNET Global Support Centre (GSC)!
  • Wider product selection and greater range of consumable products.
  • Your Q Account just got a make-over! And soon you’ll have a Qashout account too!
  • THREE eStores for your shopping choice and convenience!

And be well-prepared for the next roll-out of infinite improvements over the next month! Now it’s time to explore your enhanced Compensation Plan materials! Got any questions? Give QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) a call at +852 2263 9188 to get your answer in your language! And don’t forget to browse the QInfinite Learning Club micro-blog for updates and useful information – videos, FAQs, animations, Google Hangouts, and more!

Of course, by tagging along with QInfinite, we have a few more special promos on their way to surprise you!

  • Self Activation: only for a short while, you and your Downlines can Self Activate with QInfinite!
  • Enrolment promo: for only six months, the QNET enrolment fee will just be USD 10 (instead of USD 30)! This is for QNET’s new IR’s, and the annual renewal fee for existing IRs. When the new IRship Fee of USD 30 is introduced, you will certainly get value for money, with all the new systems and platforms all included in your annual fee.

We hope you enjoy all these enhancements and tell us about how much you love QInfinite!