QNET Côte d’Ivoire Expo 2012 held last 13 – 14 April 2012 at Espace Crystal in Abidjan, as the biggest EXPO organised by QNET in Africa to date, was an outstanding success. We received a flood of positive feedback from more than 6,000 participants including IRs and prospects, as well as the general public, top ministers, representatives from leading organisations and other VIP guests.

Attendees not only from Ivory Coast, but also from Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo were excited to have the opportunity to see, touch, taste, feel and learn about QNET products and get a chance to meet and greet QNET VIPs and the company’s top people. This event attracted a lot attention from top Ivory Coast media such as RTI, the Olympe Group, L’Inter newspaper, Soir Info, Le Démocrate and many others.

On 15 April, the EXPO concluded with one of QNET’s milestones for the new era of its achievement, the launch of QNET enhanced Compensation Plan – QInfinite, the most dynamic and innovative compensation plan in the global direct selling profession.

It was a night to remember. More than a thousand QNET Independent Representatives from Ivory Coast and neighboring countries, dressed in their Sunday best, gathered at Espace Crystal to welcome this new era of QNET.

The event kicked off when Ivory Coast leader Mr Habib Sanogo went up on stage and opened the event in an explosive fashion. Then VC Amaral Fofana continued with his words of encouragement, advising everyone to empty their cup and be prepared to absorb everything from the night’s sessions. QNET ambassador of goodwill in Africa Mr Klaus Holderbaum assured the audience that QNET is a home where we can place our confidence and trust. QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh presented QInfinite and highlighted the future of QNET products and the potential of Ivory Coast’s products that can be supplied the world. Mr Osh also excited the audience with a sneak peek of the future sales and marketing system and unveiled the new look and improved features of the QNET website and social media platform!

VC Mark Ferreira shared his practical tips on how to succeed in the business. The audience learnt that selling is a transfer of enthusiasm; one does not sell to others, but sell for others. VP Sathi Senathirajah brought the night to its peak with his inspirational session. He assured the audience that QInfinite will make anyone’s dreams come true, and there’s no limit to what one can do with QInfinite. The night concluded with a cake cutting session, after which the audience was on an all-time high celebrating the launch of QInfinite.

It didn’t stop there! All IRs and participants were still enthusiastic to learn more about QNET’s QInfinite. On 16 April, the Ivory Coast’s Wave 15 team arranged an event for business presentations and updates at Palais de la Culture. 4,000 attendees were ready and waiting to sit in from 8 am. Mr Habib Sanogo, VC Amaral Fofana, Mr Klaus Holderbaum, QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh, VC Mark Ferreira and VP Sathi Senathirajah were up on stage to share QNET updates, their business tips and skills.

The Ivory Coast’s 4-day event was a part of a QNET’s marvellous change and brought IRs and other participants a wonderful experience. This is going to be the year to Make A Difference for Ivory Coast and QNET!

For more information, please visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net.