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Mini MBA*

If you’re looking to pick up business administration skills in order to start your own business, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Mini MBA course gives you a bundled package of knowledge in necessary fields. Learn all the basic conceptual framework of business – business management, leadership skills, human capital management, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales… just to name a few! Justify your long-term goals. Choose Swiss eLearning Institute’s Introduction to Mini MBA course.


Business models across the world continue to change drastically with the emerging of eCommerce. Nowadays, eCommerce has become an important  tool for businesses worldwide. The world is facing a future which looks  much more connected. Make sure you jump on the wagon and don’t get left behind. Be the leader in change, not the follower!

Utilise the Internet to maximise your business! Introduce yourself to the electronic marketplace and the rapidly developing field of eCommerce,  Swiss eLearning Institute’s Introduction to eCommerce course  allows you to understand the basics that are needed to develop the  skills you need to build a successful internet business with online marketing. This course is designed to familiarise individuals with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies and then guide you through the various techniques such as email marketing, capitalising on the marketing phenomenon of social media, and online marketing solutions. Learn the tips and tricks that will push your business to another level! 

Performance Management

To ensure that your goals are consistently being met in an effective manner, you need to have efficient Performance Management skills. Not only high-level managers, but everyone, especially high achievers with  dynamic lifestyles like networkers, can  benefit from applying these skills to increase the productivity and profitability of an organization.

In order to successfully and efficiently manage your network to enhance your business, you need to understand the aims of performance management, to identify the standards of performance and to conduct  reviews of performance. More than just how to manage your network, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Performance Management course provides techniques and tools to enhance your skills and also to help you manage your own performance, set goals and meet them in an organised and systematic matter.


Take a chance! Are you a risk-taker? Do you have high expectations for yourself? As a savvy networker, it is essential to have these qualities. All you need is to channel your energy in the right direction. Passion is important for the business venture – it’s the key to living in today’s challenging world. Without the ‘know-how’, passion alone can’t help you to become successful. What you need is to combine passion and knowledge to get the right balance for your life and your career path.

Swiss eLearning Institute understands what it takes to get you there. We offer the dynamic Entrepreneurship course which provides insight into proven business strategies. The Entrepreneurship course allows you to channel your creativity and ambitions in a successful way. Be the boss and don’t get beaten. Learn the ropes to managing your own business empire. Brush up on your entrepreneurial skills and embrace the life of a true entrepreneur.

Plus, do not miss the great bundle of the three best-selling courses by Swiss eLEarning Institute in Arabic! Career Design + The Art of Management + Marketing bundle will be sure to take your business and your skills to  new heights!

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*Disclaimer: This is not an academic course, Mini MBA is a basis of teaching the concepts of an MBA. No academic degrees will be given with this course.