For the recent launch of QNET QInfinite, our IRs really stepped up their game and gave it their best! Within only 15 minutes, we already had our first qualifying IR! Curious to know who it was?

Meet Mohamed Kamal Ahmed Abd Elmoneam. This young man from Sohag, Egypt was the very first person in the whole world to qualify under QNET QInfinite!

What’s even more amazing is that he just joined QNET on 15 April 2012! Welcome to the global family, Mohamed!

As a thank-you gift and to mark this milestone in QNET history, we’re giving him a shiny new Bernhard H. Mayer® La Rétrograde II watch!

Isn’t this business unbelievable? No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone really does have a fair chance at unlimited opportunity!

Our history-making winner was introduced to QNET by his neighbour and now-upline, Ahmed. “I’m very excited to be part of QNET and to work with my team, Faith,” he said. “It’s a good business full of opportunities for success.”

It was Mohamed’s friend, Ramy, who helped him make his winning purchase, an Arabic course from the Swiss eLearning Institute that he intends to make full use of.

Congratulations, Mohamed! We hope this lucky event heralds the start of a long and successful career with QNET – to infinity and beyond!