QNET is honoured to have cooperated with Almalinsky District Office in sponsoring a musical charity concert in Kazakhstan.  The memorable event  in support of children with special needs was held at The Theatre of the Young Spectator in Almaty on April 21, 2012. 

More than 300 spectators attended the special event where they were delighted by performances from 50 children age six to 12. The evening was comprised of 10 performances ranging from songs, dances, drama, and also traditional numbers.

Being the main sponsor of this event, QNET   presented the talented young performers with  surprise gifts after the show.

QNET representative, Bernhard H. Mayer, said the performances were an achievement for the children.

“It is the first time they are coming before a large audience to display their talents in singing, dancing and acting, more so with such courage and confidence. It is something for all of us to be proud of,” he said.

Dedicated to children with special needs, this concert was the first of its kind to be organised in Kazakhstan.Supported by the Almalinsky District Office and part of the QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the event was a true success as the audience of more than 300 were left amazed.

“Guided by this mission of serving the communities in which we operate, QNET is propelled to carry out CSR initiatives all over the world, including in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia,” Bernhard H. Mayer said.

Mayer noted that in Kazakhstan itself, QNET had previously embarked on two separate CSR initiatives in the Almaty region.   “In 2010, we donated a desperately needed school bus for the Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykurgan.

“That same year, we also provided emergency supplies to flood victims in the village of Kyzyl-Agash, where 39 people lost their lives and over a thousand were made homeless when a reservoir broke its dam,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Almalinsky District Office, M.U. Pribenkov commended QNET for its efforts and called on more international corporations to follow the company’s lead.

“QNET has set an excellent example for other international corporations to emulate, and we hope they will also come forward with CSR initiatives of their own.

“Every CSR project is important because by coming together, the Government, businesses and community organisations can move our nation forward,” he said.