You VS The Flu – Stopping The Sniffles and Sneezes
By Dr Karen Vieira, PhD

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of July 2009, more than 700 people all over the world have died after contracting the new strain of the influenza virus called H1N1 that first emerged in Mexico. Two weeks earlier to this date, the official figure of the deceased was reported at 429 worldwide, all due to the so-called ‘Swine Flu’ virus. In other words, about 300 people had died in two weeks all from the flu! The Swine Flu virus has officially been termed by the WHO as a ‘pandemic’, meaning it has become an epidemic throughout the world.

Although most cases appear to be relatively mild, it is not known whether the virus will become deadlier during the next flu season. The Swine Flu virus is a member of the influenza family of viruses, which infect several species, including pigs and birds, also causing the common flu within humans. In 1918, an influenza virus like H1N1 turned deadly, killing up to 100 million people worldwide. More recently, Bird Flu, the dangerous H5N1 influenza virus that emerged in Asia, killed millions of birds spreading to humans. The fact is that humans are susceptible to catching a wide range of viruses, any of which may cause deadly consequences.

We are fortunate that vaccines are being developed, but we should also take our health into our own hands by doing everything we can to prevent catching a deadly virus like Swine Flu. Rather than avoiding public places altogether, as some health officials have recommended, basic sanitation and regular consumption of nutritional supplements can help prevent the spread of the influenza virus and boost your immune system. For example, traditionally, olive leaf extract is used to treat the flu and colds as well as to maintain a strong immune system.

While nothing is a guaranteed defender against virus strains, there are precautions you can take to give yourself a fighting chance. While not every sniff and sneeze means you may have Swine Flu, the reality is that even the common cold or a mild dose of the flu is enough to affect your day-to-day life, resulting in time away from work and days spent in bed feeling ill with little energy, as you try to ‘ride out’ the sickness. Whatever way you look at it, it is simply no fun being sick with the flu. So, do what you can to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

Be more confident by choosing Olé, a highly concentrated natural olive leaf supplement extracted from fresh olive leaves that contain Vitamin C, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, beta carotene, amino acids and most importantly, antioxidants. In fact, Olé has the highest concentration of free-radical fighting antioxidants – five times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C and 40 times more polyphenolics than extra virgin olive oil. Taking Olé will help boost your immune system and assist the maintenance of good health.

For further protection from bacteria and viruses, we are positive to provide you an advanced skin care product, BioSilver 22 Gel, which uses a registered silver-based technology to cleanse and sanitise your hands regularly and easily. Its antibacterial properties help promote effective cleansing of your skin, protecting you from germs you encounter in everyday life. It is ideal for keeping your hands clean while on-the-go throughout the day, given that most viruses are spread by contact with an infected surface or person.

So stay clean, stay strong and stay safe from those nasty flus and colds!