Since 16 April 2012, much has happened: worldwide launch of the enhanced QInfinite Compensation Plan, mega launch events around the globe, a range of new products (and more coming!), four eStores to choose how you shop, a revamped support centre, a renovated Virtual Office, new brochures and movies, a new website, and a new-look Q Account!

But it is not time to stop! It’s time for MORE!

Introducing QNET LIFE SITE – the ultimate online sales and marketing tool for the professional IR.

The QNET LIFE SITE is designed to help IRs convert leads to IRs and leads to Retail Customers, while increasing retail and repeat sales. With a complete evolution of the Personal Website and the addition of useful features such as a lead management platform, in-built email campaigns, task and time management tools, activity feeds, private social network, analytics to track campaigns, and many more, this world-class integrated online tool will power business practices even further. And IRs are being given first options on global Website names before anyone else – names are unique so once a name is taken, no one else can use that name.

QNET LIFE SITE is available through the Virtual Office or you can visit to learn more.