Meet Doctor Konan Koffi Pacome!

When the Repeat Purchase Plan (RPP) was introduced, Mr Konan Koffi Pacome from the Ivory Coast, knew exactly which product he would purchase, FibreFit, and he signed up for the RPP straight away!

Why did you choose this product?

I’m a doctor and I believe this product is useful for me and my family to meet our daily requirements of fibre intake. Everyone in my family consumes FibreFit on a daily basis and it works wonders.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages of the Repeat Purchase Plan? What was the main reason for you to sign up for it?

Besides conveniently getting great products on a regular basis, the Repeat Purchase Plan allows us to increase Repeat Sales Points up to three levels! Moreover, these RSP can be converted into either BV or cash. Having these options is great because we can choose which of these best meets our needs.

Imagine your QNET career in a few years… where do you see yourself?

Thanks to Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, my uplines and leaders, my life has started to change! I am sure I’m in for an exciting journey with QNET in the long-run and I know I’ll go far!

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