If you haven’t watched an F1 race before, make the 70th Monaco GP your first, this weekend!

Picture the 12 most highly skilled and disciplined teams of motor sport engineers and the 24 most fearless elite drivers in the world racing against each other on a highly technical, narrow and unforgiving street circuit, winding through one of the world’s smallest but wealthiest countries, famed for Formula One cars roaring through its streets, with the Mediterranean as the race background… It’s not hard to understand why the world loves the Monaco and its glamorous Grand Prix!

And yet another great reason to love it: QNET will be there too! That means that you can watch YOUR team – Marussia F1 Team – compete in the most spectacular sporting event on the planet AND get Fanpoints by sharing your excitement! Go to FanHQ to find out about Fanpoints and how they they can get you to an incredible F1 weekend where you will be treated like a star.

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