Bernhard H. Mayer® offers a wide selection of fine jewellery with an exquisite sparkle, colour and design to best suit your unique taste. Based on guidelines set by premier jewellery institutions, you can be assured that the gems and precious metals used in the jewellery are carefully chosen and crafted.

Presenting you with new appealing pieces from Bernhard H. Mayer® that perfectly complements any style:

Lorelle Gold Pendant
Celebrate your life’s achievements with the Lorelle Gold Pendant, the perfect adornment to mark any important milestone. With its beautifully intertwined design and elegant simplicity, the Lorelle boasts both class and versatility to accessorise any attire and look. Honour yourself with this elegant and modern symbol of the esteemed laurel wreath.

Amandier Diamond Pendant
In the language of love, nature is always a refreshing inspiration. In reference to this earthly fortune, the Amandier Diamond Pendant pays tribute to the sweet serenity of spring and the eternal youth of fertility. Capturing the suppleness of almond buds and blooming blossoms, the Amandier’s delicate yet charming beauty in shimmering diamond detail is an elegant reflection of hope and awakening that springtime brings–a new leaf and new start for all.

Pallavi Diamond Pendant
Capturing the sublime beauty of a flower—one of Mother Nature’s finest creations—the Pallavi Diamond Pendant is a radiant display of golden petals delicately positioned on a sparkling diamond-studded leaf adding luxurious elegance to the naturally embodied exquisiteness of a flower. Artistic and gracefully feminine, the Pallavi Diamond Pendant conveys a definitive statement for the wearer.

Adonia Diamond Pendant
Treasure those precious memories in this timeless symbol of love and passion—the exquisite Adonia Diamond Pendant. Sprinkled with glistening diamonds along its amorous heart-shaped design, the eternal charm of the Adonia brings out your sense of romance and glamour, complementing every look and touching every meaningful moment.

Experience the finest quality of these endearing pieces and dress up your style today!

*Product availability may vary depending on country.