Many of you have been wondering what happened to your BV. Don’t worry, your BVs haven’t disappeared! We’re here to clear up some of your most commonly asked questions.

I made a 3,000 BV purchase, but I still don’t see my BV in my genealogy.

You may have allocated the entire 3,000 BV to your Tracking Centre 001. This will show up as your personal BV purchase on 001, which will not count as commissionable BV.

Tip!  You only need 500 BV to qualify one Tracking Centre (TC)!

I made a 1,500 BV purchase, but I am still not activated.

First of all, let’s recap what ‘Activate’ and ‘Qualify’ means:

QUALIFY: Qualify at least one (1) of your Tracking Centres (TCs) with 500 qualifying BV by selling products to a Retail Customer or making a Personal Purchase

ACTIVATE: To activate means a Qualified IR directly sponsors at least one (1) Qualified Direct Referral per side of any of his/her Tracking Centre. There are two (2) ways to activate.

Now, each TC needs 500 BV to be qualified. You may have allocated 500 to 001 and 1,000 to 002. Make sure that you have allocated 500 BV to each TC.

If that’s the case, you can do either of the following in order to activate yourself:

  • Make another 500BV product purchase/retail to qualify your 003 in order to activate.
  • Alternatively, you may refer an IR and place the referral under your 003, which is then qualified with a 500BV product purchase/retail sale.

Tip! Self-activation can be made by allocating 500BV to each of your 001, 002 and 003. You don’t have to make a purchase in one transaction, so you can accumulate BV. 

How come I do not see Repeat Sales Points (RSP) purchases made by my referral?

Please check your BV stats. You need to maintain at least 60 BV per quarter (13 weeks) to earn RSP. You can get BVs from your purchases from the QNET Repeat eStore.

Tip! To earn income from the repeat purchases of your downlines, please make sure you have maintained at least 60 BV per quarter from your own QNET Repeat eStore purchases.

Stay tuned – we’ll be answering more of your questions soon!