Have you heard about phishing scams? Phishing is defined as a fraudulent method of acquiring personal information, usually via electronic communication messages, while posing as a legitimate entity. Big companies all over the world such as Paypal, AOL and many major banks have been faced with phishing attempts. Each phishing attempt costs companies money and damage to their image.

How do you know when you are ‘phished’?

When it comes to phishing, the hackers usually use phishing emails in order to obtain access to your personal information such as your password, your date of birth, your credit card number, etc. Although the email address might be legitimate, the purpose of the email is not. Another technique is link modification, where the link in the email is intentionally misspelled or modified in very slight ways so the hackers can use it to pose as a legitimate company to potential victims. Other methods of phishing include the use of telephone where the caller pretends to be someone from a company trying to get your personal information. With the postal mail, the letters are sent asking the customer to fill out a form with his/her information and then to mail it back to a specified address.

If any of these things have happened to you or you suspect of being a victim of a phishing attempt or if you come across any suspicious websites or emails, please do not hesitate to contact us at global.support@qnet.net

However, please rest assure that QNet, as your e-commerce platform, always treats your online security very seriously. In doing so, we’ve been certified by VeriSign’s Enhanced Validation SSL (EVSSL). Therefore, all QNet Commerce sites with EVSSL certification will display a green address bar with the verified company name: QNet LTD. [HK], indicating that our identity and legitimacy has been extensively verified by VeriSign. For more information on the EVSSL green address bar, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about phishing scams and tips on how to protect yourself online, see our QNet Blog Online Data Security series here.

Your online security is important to us and together we can provide you better online experience.