Today, eCommerce is a crucial tool for global businesses to reach success. With this huge trend, an increasing number of businesses are gearing their business models towards integrating eCommerce and capitalising on the benefits. QNET’s main business is also based on an eCommerce platform, aiming to serve IRs around the world with our best service. Clearly, tomorrow’s opportunities lie in the hands of keen learners, so make certain that you enrol in the newly launched Swiss eLearning Institute’s eCommerce Course to keep your business ahead of the game!

The eCommerce course from Swiss eLearning Institute will introduce you to the electronic marketplace and the rapidly developing field of eCommerce. Illustrating how the Internet can help grow your business, this course gives you the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for eCommerce.

The eCommerce course is especially designed to educate individuals on current and emerging electronic commerce technologies and how to effectively use them. Online marketing tools such as email campaigns, social media tools, and search engine marketing and how they can help reach your target audience are some of the key topics covered in this course.

Topics Covered:

  • Online marketing basics
  • Online advertising and promotion
  • Online public relations
  • Enhancing your business through social media
  • Identifying and capturing online target markets
  • RSS feeds, email marketing, auto responders

Learn the tips and tricks that will turn your business into an eCommerce success by enrolling today in the eCommerce course with Swiss eLearning Institute today! And don’t miss this invaluable chance to access an incredible variety of sources and information with Swiss eLearning Institute’s Online Library by subscribing today in your repeat eStore! For more information, please visit