We have recently found out that some of you were receiving phone calls and emails asking for details of  your Q Account. Here’s an example of such email:

THIS IS A SCAM! QNET will never send you emails asking for your personal information!

This is called phishing. The hackers usually use phishing emails in order to obtain access to your personal information such as your password, your date of birth, your credit card number, etc. Big companies all over the world such as Paypal, AOL and many major banks have been faced with phishing attempts. To find out more about phishing, please read our article here.

If you received an email like this, DO NOT REPLY IT.

And a general rule for your personal information safety: DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, SUCH AS PASSWORDS, ACCOUNTS AND PIN CODES TO ANYONE. Whether it is an email, a phone call or a written letter, this is a scam. Please feel free to contact the GSC via phone or email should you have any questions.