“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character” – T. Alan Armstrong

Nothing proves excellence more than being recognized as one of the best by authorities in the industry; just like how QNET took home 9 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards 2011 from the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium! It’s not an easy road getting there, but QNET’s Global Support Centre did it! Here’s a taste to illustrate how precious the awards are, the journey that the team had to go through to get there, and how these awards affect our future.

The Customer Relationship Excellence awards have a 10 year history with participants from not just Hong Kong but leading companies from all over the Asia Pacific region. The award is instituted by Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC). APCSC is the customer service body in Asia Pacific Region and founding member for the International Council of Customer Service Organizations alongside Customer Service Institute of Australia, Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium, Customer Service Institute of America, and Hellenic Institute of Customer Service. APCSC jointly offers the most recognized global certifications for CRM, Customer Service, Contact Center, Support Services with global education partners and international membership organizations to set Standards World-Wide.

QNET’s Global Support Centre had to meet and exceed CRE judging criteria based on Customer Service Quality Standard, the fundamental model for CRE Awards judging criteria, from which the participants have learned greatly from the best practices and world class standards to better prepare for the CRE Awards assessment and benchmarking process. Three of our senior managers from GSC had to go through an intensive 4 day certification course to qualify. QNET’s GSC also had to go through several rounds of evaluation which included presentations, one-on-one interviews and site visits to our 24/7 Contact Centre in Malaysia. Recent and past winners of these prestigious CRE awards include DHL Express (Taiwan) Corp, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Hong Kong Disneyland, China Pacific Life Insurance, and AXA CHINA REGION INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED.

Let’s hear more from our award winners!

On the meaning of winning the awards
“It is a form of recognition as well as an encouragement for us to learn more and serve our customers even better!” – Mr. Murtada Sabr, Global Support Centre Supervisor, Customer Service Professional of the Year (Contact Center)

“This award confirms that hard work pays off! We will continue to innovate to provide better support for our customers!” – Ms. Eva Sin, Regional Senior Executive – Customer Service Professional of the Year (Service Center)

On the take-aways learnt from the whole competition process
“The competition is the best platform to learn and share best practices as well as challenges, and keep track of the new developments in the industry” – Ms. Pushpalatha Balan, Global Support Centre Head, Customer Service Manager of the Year (Contact Center)

Tips for anyone In Service!
“Go back to basics. Focus on understanding what your customer need and want.” – Ms. Jennifer Sham, Global Support Centre Operations Head, CRM Manager of the Year

On how these awards will affect the future of QNET Global Support
“These awards motivate us to continuously improve our processes, systems, and quality. We are inspired to provide you with even better service and experience” – Ms. Malou Caluza, Chief of Network Services, CRM Director of the Year

You’ve heard them. We won’t stop. We can’t stop. The only way to go from here on is forward.