You are a business owner, professional networker, and simply a very busy person overall, you dream of being in multiple places at once so you can get things done!

QNET is happy to tell you that your dream is now reality with the recently launched QNET Life Site!

With a the addition of a wide range of integrated business tools, QNET Life Site means you can be in more places at once and get more done to push your business further!


Read further to find out how QNET Life Site can significantly improve your business experience:

1) Lead Management

With a user-friendly, intuitive interface you can generate new leads, which are then automatically recorded into your Contact Manager. Now you can communicate with your leads–effectively follow-up and turn them into your Downlines or Retail Customers!



2) Instant Communication

Quick and instant communication is key to growing your business! You now have several, easy options to communicate directly with your prospects to turn them into Downlines:

  1. Send Private Emails: communicate easily and directly with any of the contacts in your Contact Manager
  2. Send One-Click Emails: communicate directly with your leads with pre-written email campaigns in one simple click
  3. Send Email Campaigns: communicate with your leads as frequently as you like with easy-to-manage email campaigns
3) Time and Task Management

Your to do list is never ending! So cut the stress with the Task Management tool–you can track your tasks and follow-ups, monitor your new Downlines, and manage your time all at one go!



4) Tips, tricks and more!

Through informative video tutorials and the Resource Library, learn all you need to know about QNET Life Site’s amazing range of features and how to make the most out of this online sales & marketing tool! Want to know more now? Visit:



And coming soon — QNET’s Private Social Network

Soon you’ll have access to an exclusive, private social network dedicated to QNET IRs only. Connect with and meet new like-minded individuals to share ideas or learn something new—add some personality and passion to your business!

You are at the centre of QNET Life Site; it is designed to be the ultimate sales and marketing tool for you—the professional IR.  Convert prospects to IRs and Retail Customers, whilst increasing your retail and repeat sales. And you are being given first options on your unique global Website name before anyone else, once a name is taken, no one else can use that name.

You can access the QNET Life Site through your Virtual Office or visit To get started and learn more about the amazing benefits of QNET Life Site, watch the videos below and visit


What is QNET Life Site all about?


What can QNET Life Site do?