To succeed in business, it’s impossible to have all the knowledge and skills beforehand because you learn with experience. As a professional networker, you are learning every day how to achieve success but sometimes we seek help when we really need it, so we present to you Swiss eLearning Institute’s Performance Management course, which is specially designed to help you achieve your goals!

With Swiss eLearning Institute’s Performance Management course, you are guided through the essential skills needed to ensure that your career goals are achieved in the most effective and efficient way.

Increasing productivity and profitability of an organisation, these performance management skills are especially beneficial for networkers – goal-driven individuals with a dynamic lifestyle. The Performance Management course seeks to build a basic understanding of performance management, to identify performance standards and to conduct performance reviews. More than just managing your network, the course also provides techniques and tools to enhance your personal skills and help you manage your own performance, set goals and meet them in an organised and systematic matter.

Topics covered:

  • Framework for development and improvement
  • Clarity on your network’s overall goals
  • Network empowerment and coaching
  • Leadership management style
  • Enhancing and measuring team performance

Enrol in the Performance Management course today to successfully and efficiently manage your network to grow your business! And you can also enjoy exclusive access to Swiss eLearning Institute’s Online Library – an invaluable source of business-related information containing over 500 eBooks, videos, MP3s, MP4s, journals, etc. – by subscribing today, available now in your Repeat eStore! Visit for more information.