QNET recently made an important donation in form of a seven-seat minivan to the Osh Orphanage in Kyrgyzstan. The van is an important means of transportation to quickly and conveniently get sick children to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. Located in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, the hospital is 300 kilometres away and getting the sick kids there has always been a challenge.  The mini-van is vital for the Osh Orphange because it allows access to treatment for 154 children, of which 67 are physically disabled or suffering from AIDS.

QNET representative, Bernhard H. Mayer, handed over the keys of the van to the Osh House of Babies administrators while he talked to the Kyrgyz media about QNET’s dedication to this cause. The event was also joined by QNET Independent Representatives, who also talked about the company’s values and beliefs.

Below you can find links to the extensive media coverage on QNET’s donation by some of the major TV channels in Kyrgyzstan.

EL TV Channel Video

Osh TV Channel Video

“When we asked them what they needed, they said currently they have to rely on taxis or the bus service to ferry sick children to the Bishkek hospital,” Mr Mayer said.

“The 300-kilometre journey is very inconvenient, especially when sick children have to travel there regularly for follow-up treatments. As a means of transport is desperately needed, we decided to donate this minivan,” he added.

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