The secret to being the best global networker!

Achieving your business goals requires you to constantly be on the move, whether it’s frequently talking to prospects, seeking customers, or always participating in training sessions, presentations, or conventions. This is your chance to be the best global business leader with new business tools from QNET: QNET Business Planner, Product Portfolio and Building, Guidance, Leadership DVD Set.

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QNET Business Planner (available in English, Arabic, French & Russian)

To grow your business, the QNET Business Planner is filled with company history and background, business details, information about QNET products, the opportunity, tips and advices and how-to instructions to utilise QNET tools. The QNET Business Planner also includes an exciting QNET Master Collection DVD that features various company and brand videos. Be greeted personally by QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson and Managing Director Mr JR Mayer and learn all about QNET, as well as the unique business opportunity offered. Available in English, Arabic, French & Russian, now your business opportunities are truly global!

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QNET Product Portfolio (available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French & Russian)

The QNET Product Portfolio contains high-quality full-colour print brochures showcasing each of QNET’s exciting product lines in a complete and informative manner including 14 brochures for the following product brands:  Bernhard H. Mayer®, Himalayan Crystal Collection™, Umayal Collection, BioSilver, HomePure, Physio Radiance, QVI Club, Q-breaks, Veloci-Ti, Amezcua, Swiss eLearning Institute, In-Voice, Health & Nutrition (NutriSky®, Ole’ and FibreFit), and Adiva Divine. Available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French & Russian, you’ve got the whole word in your hands!

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Building, Guidance, Leadership DVD Set

In this 6 DVD set you will be greeted and guided by the inspiring leaders of QNET: V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran; Founding V Partner Joseph Bismark; and V Partner Pathman Senathirajah. With an exciting Welcome DVD and five others covering important topics such as 8 Building Blocks Express, the Power of Belief, The 5 Principles of Leadership, Confront before Conflict, and Build to Last, you can be a better, more inspired, and well-rounded networker!

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Your QNET Business Planner, Product Portfolio and the inspiration and knowledge from the Building, Guidance, Leadership DVD set are tools that you’ll use every day. Take them with you no matter where you go, record everything, and achieve success!

Now available in your Repeat eStore, don’t miss this golden opportunity to be the best global networker and business leader you can be!