30 June, Istanbul, Turkey — Hundreds of women have yet again been inspired by no less than the women leaders of The V themselves. Graced by VP Donna Imson, AVP Rosemarie Glenn, AVP Dr. Motaz Yamani, and Ms. Sara Baheri Rad, I’m Alive began with an enthusiastic group of women all looking forward to a whole day of learning and motivation.

Joined by a hefty attendance, I’m Alive began with motivational speeches by VP Donna and AVP Rosemarie. The venue was abuzz with overflowing emotion as the women warmly welcomed the Leaders of The V. Just seeing the lady Leaders is more than a motivation for the women who attended the event. VP Donna, AVP Rosemarie, and Ms. Sara are living proofs that cultures have changed. Women of today thrive in various industries as professionals, executives, and leaders in whatever field they choose. Valuable lessons were shared and moving anecdotes were told at I’m Alive. The women of I’m Alive women cried, laughed so hard, and shared every precious moment of the event with the lady Leaders.

At the end of the day, VP Donna gave the keys, which represent the success in life and in the business, to each and every participant. Truly a personal event, I’m Alive was a huge success and a testament to the true potential of women empowerment.