Your passion and dedication to reach Platinum is unparalleled and  QNET is here to support you every step of the way. You will be happy to know the Go Platinum Incentive is now extended until 24 August 2012!

We don’t want time work against you, and we want to see you shine brightly as Platinum Stars at VCON this September! So this is our special gift to you!

And that’s not all! Not only does the Go Platinum Incentive last longer, it is now BETTER for you:

1.The time restriction required for you to achieve the Platinum requirements (one quarter) is REMOVED. So what does it mean? It means when evaluating your rank at the end of the challenge, we will calculate your achievements starting from the launch date of Qinfinite (April 16 2012) until August 24, 2012, although your quarter might have ended earlier.

  • Applies only to first time rank achievement or advancement for Platinum and Diamond Rank. 
  • Applies only to new Gold Rank IRs and promoted over (existing Gold) IRs.  If you are a Silver Rank IR, you are not eligible for this promo; you must achieve Gold Rank first.

2.We understand that many of might be struggling to get your new direct referrals to advance from Silver to Gold. Thus, we will also calculate your promoted-over Gold Star direct referrals (existing IRs before QInfinite launch) who achieve or maintain requirements of Gold Star.

In short, help your direct referrals to achieve the requirements of Gold Star, and in turn they will help you reach Platinum!

You can do it! Now is the time to charge for the finish line! The glory of the Platinum Star Rank is so close, you can feel it!

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*Terms and Conditions Apply