This week we are proud to announce that our very driven and passionate IR from Egypt, Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed Shaltot, has achieved GOLD STAR RANK!

Congratulations Mohamed!!!

Mohamed, through his solid determination and hard work, not only achieved the Gold Star rank in a short span of time but he is also now confidently enjoying the healthy benefits of drinking good and clean water right from his very home through HomePure! Learn more and reap the benefits of HomePure here.

To acknowledge Mohamed’s incredible achievement, Ms. Malou Caluza, QNET’s Chief of Network Services congratulated and commended Mohamed through a personal phone call yesterday!

Let’s hear directly from Mohamed about his journey to Gold:

What made you join QNET?

I joined QNET because I wanted to start my own business and be an entrepreneur, and QNET presented the perfect opportunity to learn and earn!  

How did you manage to move up two ranks in 2 months?

Because I have lots of passion for QNET and that motivated me to work really hard to achieve my goal to achieve Gold Star Rank.

Any tips that you can share with your fellow IRs?

Be ambitious and don’t give up!

What is your favourite QNET product and why?

HomePure is my favourite because I found it very useful for people in Egypt since the water there is not 100% pure.


We hope Mohamed’s story inspires you to keep working hard and believing in yourself!

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