It’s difficult to be completely certain that the water you and your family drink every day is clean and free of contaminants. Given how important water is for daily nutrition and long-term health, the quality of the water you consume is just as important too.

With the HomePure Water Filtration System, you no longer need to constantly stress about the quality of your drinking water. HomePure’s mechanical seven-filter media Ultrafiltration (UF) system allows only good minerals to pass through, while removing odour, contamination, and bacteria, ensuring safe and pure water for consumption.

The HomePure system has been tested and certified by the NSF International. Following NSF’s extensive product testing and material analysis with strict standards and product certification programmes, you can be assured that HomePure meets high international standards for health and aesthetics.

With minimal maintenance and requiring no electricity, HomePure’s mechanical ultrafiltration unit gives you clean water at a low cost to both your wallet and the environment. Easy and convenient, the smart indicator will give a signal when the filter cartridge need to be replaced.

Healthy water means a healthy family. Learn more about this world-class water filtration system by simply clicking here or watch HomePure user’s guide below.

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