As part of the QNET Pays Forward initiative, RYTHM Foundation recently helped the Ramakrishna Math’s Nattarampalli centre in Vellore, India with a donation to complete construction of a dormitory for children.

The centre provides free education to children of the villagers of the Natarampalli village whose primary source of income is the winnow making industry. The kids work alongside their parents for a meagre wage and the Ramakrishna Math’s centre is their only hope for education.

The construction work for the dormitory was halted mid-way due to lack of funds and, as a result, the students are forced to use the open space area for dining. This often results in the evening breeze carrying  sand and other unhygienic elements contaminating the food. Hence, completion of this dormitory is vital as it will provide more than 60 students with proper dining and kitchen facilities.

Founded in 1908, this centre has been operational for over 100 years serving as a free middle school and coaching centre for children in the area. It also offers a mobile medical unit to treat many patients in surrounding villages and occasional medical camps.

With QNET’s support, the dormitory construction is expected to be completed soon, benefiting the students and the local community. The QNET Pays Forward program was launched to help QNET serve the communities in which it does business, through the four pillars of RYTHM Foundation – Education, Community Development, promotion of Art & Culture and preservation of the Environment.