Time to go TURBO!
Challengers, you are blowing us away with your speed! With less than THREE weeks to go to reach that Platinum Star, everybody’s on fast forward mode and working harder than ever! QNET is here to support and cheer you on! Aim for Platinum and beyond!

We are pleased to announce this week’s STEP 1 Reward Achievers:

  • Omar Medhat
  • Rashne Irani
  • Mohammed Hussein
  • Soliman
  • Aarati Dighe

and STEP 2 Reward Achievers who are so close to being Platinum Stars:

  • Mohamed Magdy Abdullah
  • Mohamed Magdy Mokhtar

Congratulations! Your incredible dedication and perseverance is commendable and we hope you will keep pushing forward!

Our Step Reward Achievers proved that it can be done, now how about you?

We can’t wait to see more Step Reward Achievers and Platinum Stars! Awesome incentives and VVVIP red carpet treatment awaits you. For more information on the Go Platinum Incentives, please click here.

And any Gold Star rank IRs on the way to Platinum are welcome to join, please click here.