In the Sphere of Silence has been a source of motivation and guidance to many of us over the years, since Dato’ Vijay Eswaran first launched it in 2004. Since then, the book has taken on a life of its own and has been translated into multiple languages – German, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi and Arabic as well as soon to be released translations – Bahasa Malaysia, French and Russian. Numerous people have written in to Dato’ Vijay thanking him for the book and how timely it was for them: how it helped them take stock of their lifes and how the practice of the Sphere of Silence has completely transformed them as individuals.

Now, we’ve taken your favorite SoS, as it is popularly known, to a whole new level to make it easily accessible to a wider audience: the digitally connected generation hooked to smartphones, tablets and e-readers!

So, if you have an Amazon Kindle e-reader or a Kindle reading app on your iPad or Android tablet, you can now buy In the Sphere of Silence e-book from the Kindle e-book store.

Just login to your e-reader and search for ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ or ‘Vijay Eswaran’ in the Kindle store and you can download the entire e-book in just a few seconds for only $6.99!

For iPad Users : Download the app here.*
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*Availability of the app differs from country to country. Please check your app store for availability.