With less than a month to go for V-Indonesia 2012, QNET turns up the heat on V-Con fever with exclusive updates of the ‘NEVER SEEN BEFORE’ products to be unveiled at this year’s V-Con event!


Imagine for a moment, you are relaxing in your home with your loved ones… enjoying quality time while breathing in fresh and pure air; nothing can harm you…

Unfortunately, your home may be more harmful than you realise due to unseen pollutants contaminating the air you breathe. Common indoor air pollutants such as dust, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and odour causing substances are all harmful to your health. These can cause serious respiratory problems, infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and viral infections.

So how can you improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home?

Giving your home safer and cleaner air, QNET introduces its newest product in its Home Care category – the world’s first and only air purifier that combines two advanced and highly-effective purification methods providing you and your family with 99.9% pure air!

This new revolutionary homecare device operates through 2 purification step: Water Surface Trapping and Nano-membrane.

Curious to find out more? Hold on tight, as you will get your exclusive chance to experience this amazing new QNET product at V-Indonesia 2012 next month!

Stay tuned for more exclusive updates on QNET’s ‘NEVER SEEN BEFORE’ products!