QNET continues its great CSR activities to emphasise the group’s philosophy – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind – and to reflect the company’s commitment to help all segments of society.

Earlier this month QNET launched a two-day national feeding programme called The Ramadan Bags Convoy for several thousand in Egypt, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan.

This initiative was aimed to provide food for the underprivileged for the celebration of breaking the fast. Bags of food were distributed across the country reaching places such as Benysweif, Qaluobia and Cairo.

A team of 50 QNET Independent Representatives (IRs) kindly volunteered to take part in the activity of distribution to ensure the bags reached around 500 families.

The Ramadan Bags Convoy programme includes activities tailored to suit Egyptian society. “One of our long-term priorities is to launch more charitable programs so that we can reach more people that need assistance.”

QNET also called upon other companies to launch their own projects in order to contribute to the Egyptian people during these difficult times. “This would help to close the gap between different social classes,” QNET’s statement says.