QNET IRs are a talented group of people. Who would have thought that blogging is one of their many talents? We trawled the internet for IRs who are prolific bloggers and invited them to join our QNET Blogger Programme. Every two weeks, our QNET Bloggers will be given a new topic to write about and the best ones will be showcased right here, on the QNET blog.

With V-Indonesia 2012 just around the corner, we thought it apt that the first topic be V-Con. Our first two bloggers share their thoughts and memories of V-Con, what they learned from it, and most importantly, how it changed their lives.

  1. Israa Garatli introduces herself in her blog by stating All I am after is a life full of laughter.” In her first post as a QNET blogger, she writes about how V-Con attendees from all over the globe are driven by love and care for one another. Enjoy her post here!
  2. Pooja Shahani is a blogger from India. In her blog, she recollects the vivid memories of V-Con and the key thoughts and words of wisdom she took home from listening to the V-Partners. Read her entry here!

Notice the cool badge on their posts that says ‘I’m a QNET Blogger’?  That’s the indication that they’re legit members of the QNET Blogger Programme.

Want to be part of this esteemed roster? Send us an email at blogger@qnet.net with your full name, your blog’s URL and the reason why you would like to be a QNET blogger. Our team will read and evaluate your blog and if you make the cut, we’ll definitely give you a shout-out!