Thank you for your enthusiastic responses to the QNET Life Site – your personal website!  Since we’ve launched it in May 2012, many of you have sent in a whole lot of inspiring comments ranging from very positive to constructive. We thank you for that and we’d like you to keep them coming. Your valuable insights are our motivation to further develop and optimise your ultimate online sales and marketing tool.

  1. As of today, QNET Life Site has also been made available for the IRs of QNET India, QNET Malaysia and QNET Promosyon.

Many of you have asked if the QNET Life Site will be translated into other languages and our answer is an absolute yes! Our creative teams are working hard on deploying the translated sites, which should be available very soon.

  1. We know that some of you have encountered a bit of a difficulty in using the email functionality. We’d like you to know that our IT team is currently working non-stop to address this issue by further enhancing its usability and security features.
  2. We have also noted well your suggestions on improving the design and interface of the home page.  Rest assured that you will have a more informative and interactive personal website in the days to come.
  3.  We are also in the process of adding a feature to the QNET Life Site that would allow your prospects and referrals who are based outside of your country to choose from different Retail eStores. For example, if you are an IR in India, you could refer someone from Canada to your personal website and this new referral of yours will be redirected to the QNET World eStore and not necessarily the QNET India eStore. We will let you know as soon as this feature is up and running.

Watch out for the deployment of these new and exciting features! If you have more inputs on the QNET Life Site, please don’t hesitate to write them below, in the comments section of this blog post. If you have technical concerns about your own personal site, you may send an email to or contact our Global Support Centre and a customer service officer will be happy to assist you with promptness and accuracy.

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