By now, many of you are nearing the end (13th week) of your first quarter since the QInfinite launch. Congratulations for making it this far!

This is a shout out to all IRs to recheck and make sure that they meet their respective requirements and qualifications per quarter to maintain or advance in rank and maximise their earnings. It pays to make it a habit to check out the Rank Advancement Dashboard on your Virtual Office (VO) to keep track of your target criteria, the criteria you have achieved and the remaining criteria you need to achieve, depending on your rank.

Your very basic requirement (as Gold, Platinum and Diamond Stars) to maximise your earnings is retail sales and/or personal purchases of 60 BV/quarter. If you are still short on this requirement, go visit the QNET eStore now to buy some Repeat Purchase products or persuade your prospects to make retail purchases before your first quarter lapses. If you want to be secured for the entire year in terms of this particular qualification, you have the option to make personal purchases worth 240 BVs and that will cover all your 4 quarters. Another option is to enrol yourself on Autoship to ensure that you earn 60 BVs/quarter from your auto purchases. You may browse through the QNET product catalogue to choose the products with corresponding BVs that would enable you to satisfy this requirement.

Should you have questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Global Support Centre.

Happy Networking!