Shortly after the launch of our QNET Blogger Programme, two more IRs have joined our stable of prolific bloggers! As you might remember, the first topic given to them was their memories or impressions of V-Con. Head on over to the blogs mentioned below to read more V-Con stories, even one from an IR who has never been to  the event but provides a wonderful overview of it and what it entails.

What are you waiting for? Check out the blogs below and start reading!

  1. Dhara Purohit describes her journey of life starting only after she became a networker – a profession which allowed her to challenge herself and break free from her routine life. In her post, she talks about the horror stories she heard before her first V-Con experience… and how she was proven wrong. The splendor of the event changed her forever.
  2. Kabajjo Patrick has never been to V-Con but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his post as he describes the event in such detail, you’ll imagine you’re there!

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