Introduced by QNET CEO Dave Osh on the V-Con stage this week, InShape is an exciting new weight management brand from QNET!

The InShape booth in the QNET Pavillion is buzzing with activity and excitement every day as InShape becomes a real favourite with many IRs!

Product Marketing Manager Daniel Tan Explains the Benefits of InShape

Did you know that three products from the InShape line are already available in your eStore?

The InShape Toning Belt is a portable and revolutionary 3-in-1 abdominal toning belt which helps you achieve the abs you have always dreamed of!

InShape Toning Belt is now available in your eStore!

Designed to be compatible with the InShape Toning Belt, the InShape Toning Gel enhances your abdominal toning and firming capabilities and promotes better looking skin.

InShape Energy Jelly gives your body an energy boost!

 InShape Energy Jelly

Feeling tired with your day-to-day routine? Experience fatigue and lack of energy while dieting or after physical activities? InShape Energy Jelly is what you need to give your body an energy boost!

Carefully researched and developed by Laboratories Schwartz, InShape Energy Jelly is a great-tasting energy gel drink scientifically formulated to bring energy to the cells, muscles and the brain. When taken over a period of time, the jelly will make you feel more energetic and alert, without any harmful side effects.

And be sure to look out for these new products from InShape over the next few months

In Shape Meal Shakes

InShape Meal Shakes: Coming Soon in 2 Great Tastes!

Introducing the InShape Meal Shake, a scientifically balanced meal replacement drink that assists with fat cell regulation. It helps you achieve your weight loss goals faster and more efficiently, without the yo-yo effect (losing and gaining weight quickly).

Available in chocolate and vegetable soup flavour, the InShape Meal Shake contains everything your body needs that you may not get from your normal diet, including health-promoting essential fatty acids, vitamins, micronutrients, sodium, and other natural ingredients which aid in weight loss and fat mass reduction.

InShape Health and Wellness Courses

Introducing InShape Health and Wellness Courses – your very own powerful online platform to learning more about nutrition and fitness so you can lead a healthier lifestyle!

The InShape Health and Wellness Courses provide you with in-depth courses and a variety of articles written by well-known gurus in fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. The intensive and interesting lessons in each course serve as stepping stones that will help you reach your weight management goals.

It’s time to take control of your life with InShape! Go to your eStore now!