When you register as a QNET IR, you’re prompted in your Virtual Office to create a Security Question. This is a common practice on e-commerce sites to protect access to online accounts – banks have been using this since the 80s! QNET uses this measure to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your accounts or perform certain actions, so you can run your QNET business with full peace of mind.

What are a Security Question and Security Answer?

In your VO, you must choose one a Security Question from a drop-down menu of different choices. (e.g. What is your mother’s maiden name?) This provides a level of security against other people trying to access your account. It also prevents viruses and malicious software from using randomly-generated words to access your account.

As an added level of security, you must also choose a Security Answer. This can be any word you want, between 6-10 characters long.

Useful tips

  • Once you choose your Security Question and Security Answer, you cannot change them, so choose carefully.
  • Never tell anyone your Security Question and Security Answer.
  • Choose a Security Question to which only you know the answer.
  • Choose a Security Answer that you can remember. It must be 6-10 characters long, using alphabets (e.g. abcdef), numbers (e.g. 123456) and/or special characters (e.g. !?@”$%).
  • Your Security Answer is not case-sensitive, meaning it doesn’t matter if you use uppercase (e.g. ABC) or lowercase letters (e.g. abc).