That’s right, folks! We heard it from the man himself. We are in the right place at the right time. A bright future is ours for the taking!

Dr Charles King is the face of Network Marketing professionalisation. He holds a PHD from Harvard University and is currently a professor at the University of Illinois – Chicago. He has done extensive research on Network Marketing and has designed a curriculum for the very first ever Network Marketing course taught at University level; Dr King is the pioneer of Network Marketing as an academic discipline.

Attendees of the recently held V-Indonesia 2012 were lucky to have spent a moment with Dr King when he graced the stage as the event’s keynote speaker. He selflessly shared his rich knowledge on the Network Marketing industry and profession and also explained QNET’s present positioning on a global perspective.

Here are some useful, interesting and exciting facts from Dr King’s presentation:

Direct Selling is a US$ 153.7 billion industry worldwide (WFDSA-2011). 21 countries make over US$ 1 billion in sales annually, led by the United States with US$ 29.9 billion and 15.6 million sales people. A 2011 regional analysis revealed Asia Pacific taking the top spot with 36.7% sales and 51.6% sales people.

Home-based business is a US$ 427 billion industry; it’s the new middle class economic engine that creates an estimated 8,500 new jobs per day. From 2013-2023, it is predicted that over 50% of all households will operate a home-based business such as Network Marketing because it provides a how-to-do-it, step-by-step operating structure.

Developing countries are rising with a 10-15% annual growth, including new powers such as India, China and Brazil of which the last two are untapped markets for QNET!

53% of the Arab World — the 9th largest economy — is composed of individuals aged 25-years and younger. Known as the ‘Millenials’, this bracket of the population is made up of approximately 90 million individuals looking for work opportunities.

QNET has great potential for growth!

According to the four phases of growth, we are in the Concentration phase but standing at the threshold of the Momentum phase. The power of QNET lies in its core values of S.T.I.R (Service, Teamwork, Integrity, Results-Oriented), its mission of RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) and its wide range of innovative, exclusive and quality products that fulfill QNET’s corporate philosophy and market needs.

To put icing on the already delicious cake, Dr King ended his presentation by declaring “QNET is one of the finest Network Marketing companies I’ve ever worked with.”

We know that you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of Dr King’s full presentation so here you go!

Watch, share, and claim your slice of our bright future!

Presentation by Dr Charles King