It is an exciting NEW holiday product coming your way very soon!

QVI Points is not replacing QVI Club or Q-breaks, but is in fact a whole new product with its own unique benefits and advantages!

Check them out:

  • More flexibility! You can choose how long and where you stay, and what you see and do according to your personal preferences!
  • More variety! You have over 140,000 hotels and resorts to choose from, and these are different from the resorts available in QVI Club and XchangeWorld!
  • More options! You can choose cruises and vacation packages, check out the Deal of the Day, select the star-rating of the hotel, add in tours, excursions, theme park tickets, and a whole bunch of exciting activities ranging from cooking classes and museum visits, to hot air ballooning and skiing!

QVI Points is the perfect complement to QVI’s other holiday products: QVI Club offers long-term value through its memberships where you pay for all your future holidays at today’s prices avoiding inflation and currency fluctuations; and Q-breaks packages, which are typically pre-packaged holidays to specific destinations.

Want to know more about QVI Points? Visit to see what’s in store for you!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about QVI Points!

QVI Club offers long-term value through its memberships; you pay for future holidays at today’s prices, thus making great savings. Q-breaks packages are typically pre-packaged holidays and are ideal for those who like short breaks in specific destinations. Both products don’t require you to plan and book your holiday; our Customer Experience team will do all that for you.

On the other hand, QVI Points has flexibility, variety and choice, and is good for those who like to plan their own holidays – where they go, how long they stay, what they see and do.

Whichever holiday product you end up buying, you’re still a winner as you can be assured of QVI quality, and a wonderful vacation experience!