The Marussia F1 Team had a great time sharing their passion for motorsport racing at the world renowned PalmerSport driving event last week. Held at the Bedford Autodrome in the UK, 800 acres of land, six miles of track, and four separate circuits allowed PalmerSport to really treat their guests to an ultimate appreciation of the motor racing sport. Bringing six high performance race cars to the show, guests eagerly revelled over these high-speed machines and indulged in the opportunity to drive these spectacular motors around the tracks. The BMW M3 GTP, the Ariel Atom, the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM, Land Rover Defender, the Caterham 7 Superlight and the Formula Jaguar were all on display in their finest ware, ready to tear up the Bedford Autodrome circuits and be tested to their limits by their avid fans.

Timo Glock was on ground to demonstrate his driving skills  treating many guests to rides around the tracks. You can catch all the action in my own very special selection of photos below!

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