From the outside, V-Con is seen as a huge, lively, colourful and glitzy international event with thousands of IRs from all over the world coming together in an amazing venue. With the stage equipped with state-of-the art lighting and video screen backdrops, and attendees receiving excellent entertainment by A-List celebrities, it was truly a spectacular event but the things that mattered most for anyone who has ever experienced the V-Con are the small yet significant moments – the experiences shared together, bits of knowledge and wisdom shared by The V family, and getting the courage to make life-changing decisions!

Here are two of the QNET Bloggers who shared their greatest takeaways from the V-Con.  Read their latest blog posts to discover more about the “small yet significant moments” at V-Con:

Israa Garatli describes V-Con as ‘my annual charger where I am showered with positive energy and surrounded by beautiful people.’ V-Indonesia 2012 was her 3rd V-Con and in her latest post, she writes about her realization of how simple really the steps are in achieving success in the QNET business.

Pooja Shahani missed out on being present at V-Indonesia 2012 but thanks to our real-time social media updates, she was able to jot down all the wise, thought-provoking and game-changing words shared by her mentors – the V Partners. Enjoy her rich post here!

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