Have you always dreamed of having fabulous, toned abs and a sculpted body? QNET is here to turn your dream into a reality with our newest weight-management brand – InShape – recently launched in your eStore!

A central part of the InShape fitness programme includes the InShape Toning Belt – a portable and revolutionary 3 in 1 abdominal toning belt!

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Most slimming belts on the market use vibration stimulation to improve circulation and toning. But the InShape Toning Belt integrates three of the latest technologies—Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS), Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) and Vibrating Massage (VIB)– to provide you with even MORE weigh loss power! Use the digital controller and LCD display to easily choose your preferred function, timing, intensity and temperature level.

Check out these amazing benefits of the InShape Toning Belt:

  • Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles
  • Reduces and dissolves fat
  • Increases metabolism and burns calories
  • Promotes the excretion of toxins
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility
  • Reduces stress and fatigue

For best results, it is strongly recommended that you use the InShape Toning Gel together with the InShape Toning Belt regularly while maintaining a balanced diet and light exercise. What’s more?  The InShape Toning Belt comes with enough BV to qualify a Tracking Centre. Buy now to get started!