Companies often talk about how great their products are, but it’s the testimonials of real customers that make a product truly amazing. Debbie Cochrane shared with us her unbelievable story of how NutriSky changed her life – from almost being wheelchair-ridden, to powering through a 60km bike ride. Maybe miracles do happen!

Forty-four year old mum of three Debbie had been having trouble with her knees since she was 15 – they would keep dislocating, causing her unbelievable pain. Even after 28 operations and having her kneecaps removed, she still struggled with poor health.

Debbie Cochrane

“There was an 80% chance of me ending up in a wheelchair, but that couldn’t have been any worse than what I was going through,” wrote Debbie.

Thankfully, Debbie’s health took a turn for the better. In January 2011, she met a QNET IR from Egypt online, who sold her a holiday package, also making her a QNET member.  “It was the best thing I’ve ever done,” wrote Debbie, who met with her upline and was introduced to QNET’s products, including “the amazing Bio Disc” and various skin care creams.

Debbie fell in love with NutriSky, a juice premix packed with saponins and flavonoids that help to improve vitality, blood circulation, and stamina. “Two things really stuck out for me: the improvement of my circulation, and my boosted energy levels. Both are very important to me, as I’m a cook in a busy kitchen.”

According to Debbie: “I need to take the whole packet instead of half because the damage is so great inside, but within half an hour of drinking it, I’m up and going.”

Up and going indeed! In September 2012, Debbie managed a 60km bicycle ride, something she wouldn’t have thought possible before.

A true fan, Debbie has been handing out samples of NutriSky and skin care creams, recommending them to everyone. The feedback? Everyone’s loving them, too!

Got an amazing story of your own? Know someone whose life you could change with a great QNET product? Share your experiences with us!