Do you know what makes QNET so great?

Its YOU! Our  amazing, talented Independent Representatives! From Hadia Hosny, who represented Egypt during the London Summer Olympics, to…. a winner of the Boston Marathon!

Cosmas Ndeti

Meet Cosmas Ndeti, a Kenyan professional runner and QNET IR! Cosmas won the Boston Marathon three consecutive years in a row, even setting a record in 1994 which remained undisputed for 12 years! The runner donated a part of his prize winnings to build a church in his hometown in Kenya where he is also a pastor. When participating in marathons all over the world, Cosmas brings his own home-made corn meal, and never travels without his family.

After a recommendation from his cousin in 2006, Cosmas joined QNET and never looked back.

“After listening to my cousin’s presentation, I understood, immediately, the great potential the network marketing business has. I’m fortunate to have a huge database of contacts worldwide because of my career as a professional athlete, which came in handy. I realised that I was in a position to change the lives of my loved ones and people in the community. Furthermore, I was attracted to QNET’s eCommerce system. I can work from anywhere.”

What keeps me moving forward during a marathon is the dream of being and staying a champion. I believe that I was born to be a champion. However, achieving success never comes easily, to be a winner, I have to focus, stay committed, keep up the hard work, be disciplined and have the desire to achieve my dream. And at the end, all of these efforts paid back and gave me the perfect result.”