At V-Indonesia 2012, you might have seen brand new jewellery sets from the Umayal Collection exclusively showcased and wondered when you could purchase one for yourself? QNET is happy to announce the wondering and waiting is finally over!

The newest, most precious jewellery sets from the Umayal Collection are now available in your eStore! Inspired by the beauty of nature, you can choose from any of the sets below to make a unique style statement:

The Peacock Baroque Set – The elegance of the Peacock Baroque Set pays tribute to the sovereign beauty of this stunningly luxuriant king of birds.

The Floret Empress Set – With an essence of gold hinting through a tapestry of rose, yellow and black-gold colours, the Floret Empress Set marries tradition with new-age fashion.

The Glacier Leaf Set – The beauty of the Glacier Leaf Set lies in its rare and refined appearance reminding us of the eternal richness of Mother Nature, the giver of all life.

The Viola Coral Set – With its shapely and textured curves, the Viola Coral Set portrays honour and esteemed accolade to one of the most revered creatures in the marine world, the mushroom coral.

Be the first to own a stylish set from the new Umayal Collection! Visit your eStore today!

*Kindly note that the above products are not available in some countries, please check your eStore for availability.