To raise the level of fun and excitement of the F2 Super Bonanza, QNET’s biggest bonanza ever, we asked our QNET Bloggers to share their thoughts on this incredible incentive!

Read on to find out more about our QNET Bloggers’ experiences, plans, and tips on how make it big in F2!

First-time QNET Blogger, Shoumik De, writes about how he was inspired in V-Indonesia 2012 to carry out the F2 mission and how important it is to turn to one’s upline for guidance and inspiration in her post titled MERA KARAN ARJUN AYENGE.

Israa Garatli sums up her feelings about F2 with a self-coined word “SUPER-CALI-FRAGI-TASTIC” and encourages everyone to take a leap of faith and be part of this wonderful incentive. Her bubbly piece is titled GO BONANZA.

Juhi Rai, also a first-time QNET Blogger, employs her gift for lyric writing in her post titled Find Lakshmi, Find Your 2! Her piece depicts the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi as a symbol and guiding approach to finding 2 people – 2 lives to be saved from financial scarcity and bestowed with unending love and unconditional support.

Kabajjo Patrick writes about QNET going back to the basics of networking with the F2 concept as that’s really what it takes, fundamentally, to get started in the business. In his entry titled Insight: QNET F2 Back to the Basics, he emphasises the point that ‘No one ever became wealthy and financially free by working alone.

Dhara Purohit’s post titled Mission F2!!!! is all about the perfect syncing of F2 with various festivals going on around the world during this time of the year, and how it adds positivity, happiness and meaning to the Bonanza. She also expresses her gratefulness for QNET’s generosity in offering yearly bonuses like F2.

Pooja Shanani’s post F2 – My Race to Success describes F2 as a great way to boost the morale of each and every person associated with the QNET business. She affirms that ‘F2 is the SIMPLE KEY TO SUCCESS IN QNET!

If you’re on Twitter, you can keep the F2 fire burning by tweeting more about it using the hashtag #F2.

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Happy Bonanza!