Forbes Magazine, an international business publication, featured our mentor and V Managing Partner Dato’ Seri Vijay Eswaran in a riveting article entitled “Selling A Better Life” about his journey to founding QNET and turning it into the successful global multi-level marketing company it is today.

The article is refreshingly honest about QNET’s history, Dato’ Seri Vijay Eswaran and other senior directors’ experiences, and the controversial industry of network marketing, highlighting the key highs and lows of building such a business that is close to achieving US $ 1 billion in sales in coming years.

Touching on the unique values, strategies and product lines that set QNET apart from competitors and also contribute greatly to the company’s overall success, the article is an informative and insightful read for everyone.

It’s your hard work, belief and dedication that has and will continue to drive the company’s incredible growth and amazing success!

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