The exciting Tour du Faso 2012 is in full swing! Proudly sponsored by QNET among others, the 26th edition of this exhilarating event is on until Sunday 28 October 2012 in the West African lands of !

Day 6 of Tour du Faso 2012 began at 8am local time with the race being flagged off from Bobo to Dedougou, a distance of 170km! This leg of the race is one of the longest of the tour, made even more challenging with the intense heat and humidity!

The QNET convoy following the race along with other sponsors made stops in several villages along the way to distribute QNET flyers. The warm response received was fantastic as villagers expressed their happiness about the event. Some even commented about having heard of QNET and recognising the company’s name!

At the finishing line of this Bobo-Dedougou leg, QNET IRs had set up an information booth and received a tremendous response from race spectators who wanted to know more about QNET’s business opportunities!

The day came to an exhilarating end when De Groot Wouter from Team Netherlands staged a strong come backfinishing in the winning position of this particular leg.

Sangare Oumar from Team Mali won the ‘QNET Cyclist with the Best Fighting Spirit’ award for his positive attitude and dedication during the race.

It was a proud day for Burkina Faso fans when local rider, Ouedraogo Rasmane, from Team Burkina held on to the yellow jersey and won many other awards!

Check out photos below!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and for the next stages of the prestigious Tour du Faso 2012!