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Welcome to Silver Rush 2012!


It’s never been easier to follow your dreams and reach your goals!

Make it happen with QNET’s SILVER RUSH Incentive!

From Saturday, 27 October 2012, 00:01 HKST, until Friday, 23 November 2012, 23:59 HKST, become a QNET Silver Star by simply selling or purchasing a product at 1000 BV value!

And you know what reaching Silver Star Rank means: all future Commissions you achieve will increase to 225 USD PER STEP!

How does it work?

Visit your eStore, sell or buy a product that is of 1000 BV value. And enjoy all the perks of being a new QNET Silver Star!

It’s never been easier.


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  1. hi,
    if i signed up within the silver rush promo period ( before 23-Nov), when i become a silver rank titled, and when i get paid as silver rank too?
    please specify date!!

    • Hi Bassim,
      You can find more info here: http://qbuzz.wpengine.com/2012/11/how-you-can-advance-to-silver-star-rank-with-silver-rush/
      Basically you need to be a Bronze Star (Qualified and Activated IR) to be eligible for the Silver Rush. Once you upgrade from Bronze to Silver, your title rank will be changed first and the commissions will be increased the following week. You can find full Terms and Conditions for the Silver Rush on your Virtual Office.

      In service,

    • Ho Mohamedt,
      Yes, this is correct! there are more explanations here: http://qbuzz.wpengine.com/2012/11/how-you-can-advance-to-silver-star-rank-with-silver-rush/
      Good luck!

      in service,

  2. dear qnet i wana ask question is silver rush any one sign up in this period of silver rush will be automatically silver or what thats an important question

    • Hi Ayman,
      If you are a Bronze IR and make 1000 BV purchase/retail sale, you become Silver. more info is available here:

      In service,

  3. one of my IRs has signed up on 1st nov 2012 with a min 1000 bv purchase, when he logs into his VO, it still shows he is a bronze star, My question is , Is he not supposed to be shown as silver star,his IR id is IN037283.

    • Hi Sachin,
      To participate in the Silver Rush, once has to be a Bronze Star first. then, after the 1000 BV purchase/retail sale, this person gets upgraded to Silver. You can find more details here http://qbuzz.wpengine.com/2012/11/how-you-can-advance-to-silver-star-rank-with-silver-rush/
      Full Terms and Conditions of the incentive are available in your Virtual Office.

      In service,

  4. please i am from egypt and want to be member in Q net and want to know how to be silver and what is the value needed to buy it to be a silver

    • Hi Fady!
      Once you register with QNET, you will see the prices and BVs in your eStore. And we’re sure your Upline will be willing to help you! Under the Silver Rush promo (which is on until 23 November!), you can skip a few requirements and become A Silver Star only by purchasing a 1,000 BV product. And the selection is great in your eStore! Good luck!

      In service,

  5. hi i am already a member of qnet, i signed 4 weeks ago into the banaza package. now you talk about silver rush, how can i qualify for the silver rush being already a member? do i have to purchase another product worth 1000 BV? please explain the bebefits of silver rush?

    ta and God bless you

    • Dear Joseph,
      Welcome to QNET!!! We’re happy to have you with us.
      Bonanza and Silver Rush are different incentives/promos (and we love running fun and profitable incentives here in QNET! our IRs love them, too!). F2 Super Bonanza allows you to earn matching bonuses from your Direct Referrals’ Step commissions (more info is available here on the Blog and in the F2 Super Bonanza section on your Virtual Office). Bonanza helps you earn MORE. Silver Rush, on the other hand, helps you earn more by moving faster to a Silver Star Rank. If you are a Bronze now, you can skip a few requirements and upgrade to a Silver Star Rank by simply purchasing or selling a 1,000 BV product). You can find all details in your Virtual Office (Announcements tab). Good luck!

      In service,


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