As we enter the final 2 weeks of the F2 Super Bonanza it’s time to focus all your attention and effort on F2! To support and motivate you, leaders from all over the world share their advice and tips with you!

Check out the amazing quotes below:

“Make you problems your fuel to success” – Juni Suprapti

Juni advises that don’t let your frustrations and problems keep you down. Use negative energy for a positive purpose like F2 and achieve success!




“How to make your dreams come true? Practice. Every Day.” – Esti Hariyani

Esti keeps it simple: Work hard every day to make your dreams come true. Do the same with F2 and achieve ultimate success!




“Find 2 and set yourself FREE!” – AVP Kalai Manikam

AVP Kalai couldn’t be more on point! All you have to do is F2 to be happy and free!






“To find our two requires a decision to close, adequate planning, passion while showing the plan, determination and simply the guts to go out there and talk to people combined with positive attitude and the power of belief. This combination leaves the prospect with no choice but to say yes and only yes.” – VC Mark Ferreira

VC Mark tells it like it is on how to make a prospect say “Yes and only Yes!”  and make all your F2 dreams come true!



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Good luck!