In a special two-in-one event combining “I’m Alive” and F2 Training in Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan on 27 and 28 October, respectively, QNET Executive Chairperson Ms. Donna Imson rallied up the energy and excitement for F2!

QNET Executive Chairperson Ms. Donna Imson was the main speaker for the event touching on key topics such as the importance of always focusing on “finding 2”, taking ownership, establishing clear intent, and advising women on how to balance career and family, which were of great value and interest for the leaders and IRs present.

Winning the hearts of the IRs, Ms. Donna connected with the energetic audience leaving them motivated and focused on F2!

Also present and speaking at the event were VC Saidamir and VP David Sharma, making the event an overall success and a great morale booster for the IRs of Kazakhstan!

Check out the amazing photos and a special special message from Ms. Donna Imson to all the women out there below.