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If you’re a jewellery lover, go for the Peacock Baroque Set from the luxurious Umayal Collection. Just launched last month, the elegance of the Peacock Baroque Set pays tribute to the sovereign beauty of this stunningly luxuriant king of birds.

For Amezcua fans, the Amezcua Energy Shell 2 is the way to go! This popular product is in a classy design of stainless steel; it improves water used in the household – shower water and washing water – for more effective, energised usage.

Or pick the perfect timepiece of breakthrough innovation – the Force Ultimate Watch from Bernhard H. Mayer®. This handsome timepiece is a combination of classiness and energy. It has an irresistibly modern appearance while having a built-in energy crystal on the case back that helps to improve and harmonise the wearer’s energy levels.

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