Following The V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s prestigious New Global Indian (NGI) award for business excellence and philanthropy received at the Global India Business Meet (GIBM) held in New York this September, United Arab Emirates-based newspaper Gulf News features Dato’ Sri Vijay in an in-depth article entitled “Malaysia’s Gandhian entrepreneur”.

The article touches on Dato’ Sri Vijay’s strong belief in the practice of Gandhian principles in today’s corporate world. A key concept from his popular book entitled “In the Sphere of Silence”, Dato’ Sri Vijay spoke at the GIBM event on the significance of silence – echoing Gandhi’s principles – and how it enables us to see and listen to each other better.

Maintaining that 60 minutes spent in the ‘Sphere of Silence’ every day enables clarity of thought and decision making. Dato’ Sri Vijay elaborates this practice as comprising of three paths: duty, knowledge and devotion. “It sets into motion the liberation of our mind. To the mind, it is what physical exercises are to the body — a mechanism for fitness. The Sphere of Silence applies to any field of endeavour, but it is especially effective in the arena of management and leadership,” he explained.

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